Residential Mower Maintenance Plans


  • Greenway prepaid Maintenance Plans follow the annual factory maintenance schedule.
  • All work performed by Factory trained technicians.
  • Includes Genuine John Deere Filters and Lubricants.
  • Pickup and Delivery included within 25 miles of any Greenway location.
  • A Greenway Representative will contact you for additional information following checkout.

Worry free maintenance plan, Complete Service, Free pickup and Delivery within a 25 mile radius .

Maintenance plan INCLUDES the following services:

1) Change Engine Oil and Filter

2) Change Air Filter and Pre-Cleaner

3) Change Spark Plugs

4) Change Fuel Filter

5) Check Transmission Oil, if applicable

6) Check Engine Coolant, if applicable

7) Change Hydraulic Filter

8) Sharpen Blades

9) Check Safety Systems

10) Level Mower Deck

11) Check and Adjust Tire Pressure

12) Check Wheel Bolts

13) Check and Tighten Loose Hardware

14) Check Engine Cooling Fins

15) Check Battery

16) Check Electrolyte Level and Battery Voltage

17) Clean Radiator Fins and Air Intake Screens

18) Clean Under Mower Deck

19) Lubricate Front Axle Pivot

20) Lubricate Front Spindles

21) Lubricate Front Wheel Bearings

22) Lubricate Mower Spindles

23) Lubricate Mower Gage Wheels

24) Check Belts and Mower Adjustments


We will provide transportation, labor, and repair or replacement parts in the event your covered product fails to operate as a result

of a mechanical or electrical failure caused by defects in workmanship and/or materials.  At our discretion, replacement parts used in

covered repairs will be either new Genuine John Deere parts or Genuine John Deere remanufactured parts or components furnished

by John Deere.


Maintenance Coverage DOES NOT Include:

1) Any services not authorized by the administrator or performed by an unauthorized servicer.

2) Any Additional costs for services not specifically covered by this Agreement.

4) Incidental, consequential, or secondary damages or delay in rendering service under this Agreement or loss of use during the period

that the covered product is at an authorized service center or otherwise awaiting parts.

4) Transportation, parts, or repair due to normal wear and tear and items normally designed to be periodically replaced by the purchaser

during the covered product’s life, including but not limited to blades, belts, batteries, light bulbs, hoses, etc.; loss or damage caused by

war, invasion, or act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, riot, strike, labor disturbances, lockout, or civil commotion; damage

from accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, introduction of foreign objects into the covered product, failure to follow the manufacturer’s

instructions, and external causes including third party actions, fire, theft, insects, animals, exposure to weather conditions, lightning,

windstorm, sand, dirt, hail, earthquake, flood, water, acts of God or consequential loss of any nature.

5) Nonfunctional or aesthetic parts, including but not limited to plastic parts, knobs, rollers, baskets, scratches, peeling, and dents.

6) Accessories or attachments used in conjunction with a covered product, other than mower decks used on lawn tractors, lawn and garden

tractors, and commercial mowers.

7) Service where no problem can be found.


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