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Precision Ag Support Services

RTKA Network Subscription

  • Coverage throughout Greenway’s AOR with 72 RTK Base Stations
  • Precision Ag Support Center fully utilizes Base Station Manager to monitor and manage base station uptime
  • Full team of Precision Ag Specialists dedicated to ensuring the RTK network is reliable and operational when you are in the field
  • Includes direct access to our Precision Ag Experts through the Tier 2 support number and Expert Connect App

FieldPro Precision Ag Support

  • Direct access to our Precision Ag Experts through the Tier 2 support number and Expert Connect App
  • Field Team members keep you rolling with annual software updates for receivers and Precision Ag Displays
  • Receive on-farm training for Precision Ag essentials like Autotrac, Documentation, and Section Control

FieldPro Agronomy Services

Full suite of services to help you acquire and utilize information on your farm.

  • Apply Record Management:
    • On-the-farm training
    • Dry-box calibrations
    • In-season operations monitoring
    • Field level application summaries
    • Application summaries
  • Harvest Information Analysis:
    • On-the-farm equipment Training
    • Yield calibration
    • Field operations performance monitoring
    • Yield validation and editing
    • Post-cal if weight tickets are available
    • Weekly reports
    • FieldPro Zone Maps
    • FieldPro Field Ranking
    • Variety of Benchmark reporting
  • Management:
    • Combine our Plant, Apply and Harvest Services to maximize the information you can gather on your farm
  • Plant Information Analysis:
    • On-farm Training for the types of planters running on your operation.
    • In-season field operations monitoring
    • Weekly planting progress reports
    • End-of-planting variety report Management
  • Variable Rate Prescriptions:
    • Seeding, fertilizer, or sprayer prescriptions developed based on grower and consultant recommendations
  • FieldPro Water Management:
    • All water management maps from RTK Field Operation elevation analysis
    • Identify the water management method needing placement
    • Levee placement
    • Polypipe Placement
    • Ditch Placement
    • Pipeplanner Design
    • Well/rise flow check

Customer Support

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