RC5M Rotary Cutter

  • Standard stump jumper blade holder
  • Dome-shaped top deck is smooth and easy to clean
  • 3-point hitch hookup provides more strength
  • Front and rear chain shields offer safety

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NOTE: Only for single spindle and multi-spindle.

John Deere rotary cutters lead the way with innovative design, superior performance, and proven durability. Valuable features such as the Double-Decker™ design and Max Flow cutting chamber prevent water and debris from accumulating on the smooth, dome-shaped top deck while the flat bottom deck absorbs the punishment from rocks and stumps.

The top deck stays smooth – no dents, no dings, no holes. The internal supports sandwiched between the top and bottom decks are key to the smooth and structure-free Max Flow cutting chamber, while at the same time provide added strength and durability.

To help promote safe operation, John Deere rotary cutters are equipped with front and rear safety-chain shields. John Deere rotary cutters continue to advance in value with powerful gearboxes, blade holders, and compatibility with a wide range of tractors.

Here are situations when a rotary cutter provides value:

  • Clipping pastures encourages grass growth, optimizing valuable pasture acreage.
  • Cutting grass and stalks helps control insects.
  • Routine cutting keeps weeds from reseeding.
  • It is the most cost efficient way to cut roadsides, parks, cemeteries, airport fields, hydro, gas, and telephone easements, and all other types of open properties.
  • Cutting grass waterways encourages root development and helps prevent erosion.
  • Knocking down stalks such as cotton, corn, or milo speeds up decomposition. This is essential in no-till and minimum-till fields.
  • Clearing out brush.
  • Control undergrowth and grass in orchards, vineyards, and groves.

Decide what model to use based on:

  • The size of the area to mow versus the size of the machine – the bigger the area to mow, the bigger the mower needs to be in order to be efficient during mowing hours. Similarly, the limitation of a small area will guide operators to use a smaller mower.
  • The amount of time and frequency it will be used – for longer hours and more frequency, choose a heavier duty machine.
  • Tractor compatibility – if there is a tractor the operator will be using, look for the tractor compatibility sheet to identify appropriate options.

John Deere rotary cutters are available in two duty-level categories:

  • Mid-duty
    • RC M models are available in 1.5-m (5-ft), 1.8-m (6-ft), 2.1-m (7-ft), 2.5-m (8-ft), and 3.2-m (10-ft).
    • This duty-level category cuts brush up to 50.8 mm (2 in.) in diameter.
  • Heavy-duty
    • RC R models are available in 3.2-m (10-ft) and 4.2-m (14-ft).
    • This duty-level category cuts brush up to 76.2 mm (3 in.) in diameter.
    • RC6R is available in 1.8-m (6-ft) and the RC7R is available in 2.1-m (7-ft) cut widths; they cut brush up to 101.6 mm (4 in.) in diameter.

NOTE: R Series are heavier built to cut at a 101.6 mm (4 in.) capacity level more frequently and for longer durations.

Front safety chains (RC5M shown)

Rear safety chains (RC5M shown)

Front and rear chain shields are standard equipment:

  • Offer protection for the operator yet allow uncut material to pass into the cutting chamber with minimal restriction

Suction blade (standard equipment)

Suction blades provide additional lift action for picking up downed material. The blades are 1.3 cm x 10.2 cm (0.5 in. x 4 in.) in size and heat-treated for long wear life.

The fast blade-tip speed ensures clean cutting and fine shredding of material.

  • Up to 88.5 m/sec (17416 fpm)
Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter

Five-year warranty on all flex-wing gearboxes

Five-year warranty on all rotary cutter gearboxes

John Deere is so confident in the reliability of the gearbox that rotary cutters come with a 5-year limited gearbox warranty.

There is also 1-year warranty on the complete machine, as well as drivelines and other components.

  • Standard stump jumper blade holder
  • Dome-shaped top deck is smooth and easy to clean
  • 3-point hitch hookup provides more strength
  • Front and rear chain shields offer safety


Cutting width
1,524 mm
60 in.
Cutting height
25 to 241 mm
1 to 9.5 in.
Cutting capacity
51 mm
2 in.
Cutting chamber Depth
216 mm
8.5 in.

Tractor compatibility

Tractor PTO HP range
Minimum 19 kW
25 hp
Tractor PTO
540 rpm



<dd>1; or convert to 2


Transport width
1,651 mm
65 in.
Overall width
1,651 mm
65 in.
Overall length
2,591 mm
102 in.
Deck shape
Deck type
Double decker
Deck thickness
3 (11) mm
0.118 (11) in.
3 (11) mm
0.118 (11) in.
Side skirt thickness
0.25 (3) in.
6 (3) mm
Approx. weight
374 kg
823 lb


ASAE Category 3
Slip-clutch driveline


HP rating
Continuous 56 kW
75 hp
Peak 67 kW
90 hp


13 mm
0.5 in.
102 mm
4 in.
Blade tip speed
540 RPM
4,304 m/min
14,121 fpm
258 km/h
160 mph
Material flow system
Max flow
Round stump jumper


Puncture proof laminated
Row width adjustment



Key Specs

Blade tip speed – 540 rpm
Cutting capacity
Cutting width
Deck thickness – Upper – Lower
Drivelines – Size – Main
Hitch – Category
Protection – Main
Shielding – front/rear
Side skirt thickness
Tractor PTO HP range


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