DJ25-GYME – 75M/25 Gun Gray Marble Safe E-Lock


The best safes in America just got a whole lot better! Introducing the finest ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE safes money can buy. Every Deluxe Plus Safe includes all these extra feature upgrades for no extra charge–Bright auto-on/off interior LED lighting, 12″ dehumidifier to keep valuables dry, Liberty’s best deluxe outlet kit installed with USB and CAT-5 connections, and a deluxe door panel with Cool Pocket to keep documents 50 degrees cooler in a fire. We even upgraded the fire protection to 75 minutes to help those out in the rural areas. Now you get the best security, fire protection and interior amenities without having to pay extra. Available in 4 colors and 3 sizes and 2 trademark logos. Deluxe Plus Safes–Everything you need in a safe–All for one great price!

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Color: Gray Marble
Logo: John Deere current trademark
Exterior Dimension: 60.5”H x 30”W x 22”D*
Interior Dimension: 57”H x 26”W x 14.5”D
Weight: 653 lbs.
Made in USA
Warranty: Lifetime against fire & theft
*Add 4.5″ to Depth for handle spokes/outlet plug installed


Door panel factory installed w/ Coolpocket
Interior lights Clearview package (5 wand)
Electrical Outlet kit w/ USB & CAT 5
12″ Dehumidifier to keep moisture out
3-in-1 flex interior with gray fabric
25 slots in rack
Fire Protection

75 min. fire rating @ 1200° F
4 X 2 layers of 5/8” fire protection
Palusol heat-expanding door seal

UL Listed for Security
2-piece roll form body (20% stronger)
1″ composite internal hinge security door
3-point handle with slip clutch mechanism
4″ military style locking bars (1/4″ thick)
Triple hardplates for drill protection
Anti-punch external relocker
Hardware Lock:
Black Chrome Mechanical Lock
Optional Backlit E-Lock


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