8RX 410 Four-Track Tractor

  • Engine hp: 443 Max | 410 hp Rated
  • Integrated intelligence with AutoTrac™, StarFire™ receiver and more
  • e23™ PowerShift Transmission
  • Three cab and visibility packages available to customize your tractor

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Ultimate Visibility package at night (shown on 8R)

Visibility is one of the most important attributes of the cab, but it is more than just lighting. In addition to lighting, John Deere visibility packages include mirrors, sunshades, wipers, and camera readiness. Some benefits of the visibility packages include:

  • Three package levels to fit your needs – Select, Premium, or Ultimate
  • Operate confidently with greater visibility
  • Ultimate Visibility package with more light-emitting diode (LED) output and full 360-degree illumination
  • Integrated camera capability right from the factory


Visibility packages Select Premium Ultimate
Lighting 18 halogen work lights 18 LED work lights 22 LED work lights and eight LED convenience lights*
Mirrors Mechanical Electric, heated Electric, heated, and telescoping
Sunshades Front Front, right-hand side, and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear
Wipers Front and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear
Cameras Camera ready Camera ready Front** and rear integrated cameras

*Convenience lights illuminate the corners of the cab for easier entry and exit
**8 Series only

8RX Tractor with cab suspension and air seat

8RX Tractors naturally offer excellent in-field ride due to the large footprint and independent movement of the undercarriage systems. A great ride is also enabled by the lack of power hop due to the track system. 8RX Tractors are equipped with a four-post cab suspension and air seat that is specifically designed for and only found on these models. This system reduces high-frequency vibrations typically associated with road transport and allows 8RX Tractors to strike an unmatched balance in ride quality in the field or on the road.

  • Four-post cab suspension with and air seat offers an exceptional ride for operators spending time on the road.
  • The cab suspension system specifically designed for 8RX Tractors is offered in base equipment.
  • 8RX Tractors naturally ride well in the field due to the independent track systems and a large footprint.

ExactRate tractor tanks

The 8RX is the only tractor on the market that allows operators to carry fertilizer with factory-installed 3785.4-L (1000-gal.) ExactRate tractor tanks. Built-in wet seal solution pump (requires use of one SCV) easily transfers fluid from tractor to planter. Integrated valve compartment for simple tendering, front or rear fill options are available.


  • One dealer supports the system from tractor to planter
  • Simplified monitoring and control through Gen 4 CommandCenter™ display
  • Entry/egress, visibility, and overall machine width un-compromised with fully integrated tanks
  • Ground pressure reduced by 14 percent compared to third-party tanks on wheel tractors
  • Built-in transfer pump, rinse, and agitation for applications beyond planting

8RX ExactRate tractor tanks and 24R30 planter

8RX and 8R Tractors in the field

All 8 Series Tractors come standard with an 85-cc (5.2-cu in.) hydraulic pump. This pump provides up to 227.1 L/min (60 gpm) hydraulic flow. A dual pump option featuring 85-cc and 35-cc (5.2-cu in. and 2.1-cu in.) displacement hydraulic pumps is available for all 8R and 8RX Tractors. The dual-pump system provides a hydraulic flow of 318 L/min (84 gpm), ideal for running at lower engine speeds. At the rear, up to six selective control valves (SCVs) are available with 1.9-cm (3/4-in.) options.

  • Single or dual pump options to fit specific producer applications
  • Up to 318 L/min (84 gpm) through the dual pump system on 8R and 8RX Tractors
  • Options from four to six factory-installed SCVs
  • For maximum flow, 1.9-cm (3/4-in.) SCV couplers are available factory and field installed


A power beyond option is available on all models, and a high-capacity take-out oil reservoir (on 8R Tractors only) is also available for high-demand applications.

8RX Tractor with power beyond

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package (shown on 8R Tractor)

Comfort and Convenience packages

When you reach a 40-hour week by Wednesday, you’re logging some serious hours in the cab. Spend that time in the refreshed and refined John Deere cab, and experience a quiet, comfortable ride with unrivaled visibility and convenience.

  • Three package levels to fit your needs – Select, Premium, or Ultimate
  • CommandARM™ console that puts everything you need within reach
  • Plenty of storage
  • Work comfortably during long days in the field with an automotive-style seat
  • Keep electronics powered throughout the day with a variety of outlets


Comfort and Convenience packages Select Premium Ultimate
  • Cloth
  • Mechanical controls
  • Mechanical lumbar
  • 8-degree left-hand and 40-degree right-hand swivel
  • Cloth
  • Electronic controls
  • Pneumatic lumbar
  • 25-degrees left-hand and 40-degree right-hand swivel
  • Leather
  • Electronic controls
  • Pneumatic lumbar
  • 25-degree left-hand and 40-degree right-hand swivel
  • Heated/ventilated
  • Massage
  • Adjustable bolsters
  • AM/FM/WX
  • Auxiliary and Bluetooth™ wireless inputs
  • Four speakers
  • 16.5-cm (6.5-in.) touchscreen radio, XM® ready
  • Six speakers with subwoofer
  • 16.5-cm (6.5-in.) touchscreen radio, XM ready
  • Six speakers with subwoofer
Business band ready X X X
Four USB and one 12-V outlet X X X
Dual tilt column X X X
Footrests X X
Refrigerator X X
120-V/300-W three-prong outlet X X
Carpeted floor mat X
Leather-wrapped steering wheel X


Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. XM is a trademark of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Maximizing uptime using connectivity and technology

Your needs and success are the focus of John Deere. John Deere makes it easy for you to benefit from having a connected tractor in your operation. All tractors come standard with JDLink™ telematics system and five years of connected service. With a StarFire™ 6000 Integrated Receiver and Generation 4 CommandCenter™ Display, you can easily step right into advanced technology. If you’re an advanced tech user, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a highly intelligent machine connected to a full suite of solutions on the most open platform in the industry. Advantages of a connected machine include:

  • StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver eliminates all setup, installation, and global positioning system (GPS) calibrations
  • AutoTrac™ assisted steering guides the machine with accuracy in a variety of field conditions
  • Automation is an option with some applications
  • John Deere Connected Support™ is a proactive service approach to improve service efficiency and reduce machine downtime
  • JDLink gives you access to information anytime, anywhere, to make data driven decisions with John Deere Operations Center and Documentation

The technology and connectivity in John Deere tractors allow you to optimize productivity, increase uptime, and boost profits with machine information from any device, anywhere.

StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver AutoTrac JDLink

Base equipment:

  • Generation 4 CommandCenter display
  • StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver

Optional equipment:

  • Generation 4 CommandCenter display plus extended monitor

Base equipment:

  • AutoTrac activation
  • SF3 accuracy (+/- 3 cm [1.2 in.])
  • Data Sync

Optional equipment:

  • AutoTrac RowSense™*
  • AutoTrac Turn Automation**
  • AutoTrac Implement Guidance*
  • Gen 4 Machine Sync

Base equipment:

  • JDLink system with 5 years of service
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • John Deere Connected Support service
  • Expert Alerts
  • Remote Display Access
  • Service ADVISOR™ Remote service tool

*Available with Premium Activation 3.0
**Available with Automation Activation 3.0

Connected Support technology

When you buy John Deere equipment, you expect reliability. You also know that problems can happen, and a product is only as good as the support behind it. That’s why John Deere equipment is prepared with technology that senses potential issues and can alert you and your dealer promptly—in the cab or anywhere you are.

John Deere Connected Support is a revolutionary change to support that leverages technology and the connectivity of JDLink™ telematics to prevent downtime and resolve problems faster. These tools decrease downtime by an average of 20 percent, enabling faster responses to unexpected problems and reducing technician trips to your machine. For some issues, unplanned downtime can even be prevented altogether through prediction of the issue.

With your permission, John Deere Connected Support:

  • Keeps you running by monitoring machine health and promptly alerting you and your dealer of issues
  • Saves time by remotely viewing in-cab displays, reducing trips to the machine
  • Reduces or even eliminates technician trips to a machine through remote diagnostic and remote software reprogramming capabilities
  • Connects experts with the information needed to respond to downtime faster and prevent it altogether

With more than a decade of experience leveraging connectivity to solve problems, no one else has the experience, tools, and knowledge to keep you running as John Deere and your John Deere dealer can. Connected Support is an in-base feature on all John Deere products with factory- or field-installed JDLink.

  • Engine hp: 443 Max | 410 hp Rated
  • Integrated intelligence with AutoTrac™, StarFire™ receiver and more
  • e23™ PowerShift Transmission
  • Three cab and visibility packages available to customize your tractor

Key Specs

Engine description
John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0 L (B20 diesel compatible)
Engine displacement
9 L
549 cu in.
Rated engine power
ECE-R120: 302 kW
410 hp
Maximum engine power
ECE-R120: 326 kW
443 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
231 kW
310 hp
Maximum PTO power
Transmission type
Standard: e23™ PowerShift™ with Efficiency Manager™ 40K, 40 km/h (24.9 mph)
Hydraulic pump rated output
Standard: 85-cc pump: 227.1 L/min
60 gpm
Optional: 85-cc plus 35-cc dual pump: 318 L/min
84 gpm
Rear hitch category (SAE designation)
Standard: Category 4N/3 standard lift at 610 mm (24 in.) behind hitchpoint: 9072 kg
20,000 lb
Optional: Category 4N/3 at 610 mm (24 in.) behind hitchpoint: 6,803 kg
15,000 lb
Base machine weight
e23, 457-mm (18-in.) front/rear and 3048-mm (120-in.) tread: 19,600 kg
43,300 lb

Engine specifications

John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0 L (B20 diesel compatible)
Engine type
Diesel, in-line, 6-cylinder, wet-sleeve cylinder liners with four valves in head
Engine family
Rated speed
2100 rpm
Dual turbochargers, variable geometry turbo with fixed geometry turbo in series; air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders liners
Emission level
Final Tier 4
After treatment type
Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)/diesel particulate filter (DPF)/selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
9 L
549 cu in.

Engine performance

Rated power
ECE-R120: 302 kW
410 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
231 kW
310 hp
Maximum PTO power
Intelligent Power Management (IPM)
Power boost
8 percent
Maximum engine power
ECE-R120: 326 kW
443 hp
Engine peak torque
At 1600 rpm: 1851 Nm
1365 lb-ft
Drawbar power
PTO torque rise
40 percent
Fuel injection system and control
Air cleaner type


Standard: e23™ PowerShift™ with Efficiency Manager™ 40K, 40 km/h
24.9 mph
Clutch; wet/dry

Hydraulic system

Closed-center, pressure/flow compensated system with load sensing
Pump rated output
Standard: 85-cc pump: 227.1 L/min
60 gpm
Optional: 85-cc plus 35-cc dual pump: 318 L/min
84 gpm
Available flow at a single rear SCV
1.3-cm (1/2-in.) couplers: 132 L/min
35 gpm
1.9-cm (3/4-in.) coupler: 159 L/min
42 gpm
Available flow at front SCVs
96 L/min
25 gpm
Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)
Standard: 1.3-cm (1/2-in.) ISO couplers: 4
Optional: 1.3-cm (1/2-in.) ISO couplers: 5 and 6 available
1.9-cm (3/4-in.) ISO coupler: 1
Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)
Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)
Joystick SCV control
Auxiliary hydraulic features
SCV control

Rear hitch

Hitch draft control load sense type
Remote control valves available
Hitch category (SAE designation)
Standard: Category 4N/3 standard lift at 610 mm (24 in.) behind hitchpoint: 9072 kg
20,000 lb
Optional: Category 4N/3 at 610 mm (24 in.) behind hitchpoint: 6,803 kg
15,000 lb
Maximum lift capacity behind lift points
Standard (at 610-mm [24-in.] behind hitch point): 12,124 kg
26,729 lb
Lift capacity at standard frame
Sensing type
Rear axle differential lock


Drawbar category
Standard: Category 4
Optional: Category 4 with heavy-duty support
Maximum vertical load
Standard: 2245 kg
4950 lb
Optional (dependent on drawbar position): 4990 kg
11,000 lb

Rear power take-off (PTO)

Standard: 44 mm (1.75 in.) 20-spline, 1,000 rpm
Optional: 44 mm (1.75 in.) 20-spline, 1,000 rpm/1,000E rpm
Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)
e23 PowerShift: 1,000 PTO rpm at 1,995 engine rpm, 1,000 ECO PTO at 1,590 engine rpm, 540 PTO rpm at 1,810 engine rpm
Economy PTO speeds
Reverse PTO speeds
Multispeed PTO option availability
Available: 45-mm (1.75-in.), 1000-rpm and 1000E economy rpm PTO, in-cab shiftable
Ground speed PTO option availability
PTO actuation
Electrohydraulic with adjustable modulation

Front hitch

Electric power
Standard lift capacity
Front power take-off (PTO)
PTO speed

Rear axle

Final drive type
Inboard planetary
Differential controls
Axle type
Brakes, type and control
Rear differential lock
Full-locking electrohydraulic
Load rating

Front axle

1700 Series MFWD
Front axle differential lock
Full-locking electrohydraulic (actuated at same time as rear diff-lock)
Load rating


Wheel tread range
Turning radius with brakes
Turning radius without brakes
9.14 m
30 ft
With 3048-mm (120-in.) tread setting and 457-mm (18-in.) front and rear tracks
Measured center of drawbar in U-turn
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)


Tread spacing
Available: 1930.4 mm
76 in.
2032 mm
80 in.
2235.2 mm
88 in.
3048 mm
120 in.
Drive type
Camso® 4500 and 6500 General Ag Series – reinforced drive lug technology
Track width
Available: 457 mm
18 in.
609 mm
24 in.
762 mm
30 in.
Front: Two
Rear: Three


Primary brake (foot brake)
Secondary brake
Park lock
MFWD braking
Front axle brakes
Auxiliary brakes
Hydraulic trailer brakes
Pneumatic trailer brakes

Electrical system

Alternator size
Standard: 200 amp
Optional: 330 amp
Battery options
12 V
Working lights
Standard: 18 halogen
Available: 18 LED
22 LED
Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
Standard: halogen, 65 W
Available: LED
Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
dB(A) rating for backup alarm
Total cold cranking amps
1,850 CCA

Operator station

Rollover protective structure, OOS
Degree of seat swivel, left hand
25 degree (angle)
Degree of seat swivel, right hand
40 degree (angle)
Standard: air suspension
Cab suspension
Standard: four-post cab suspension
Instructional seat
Standard: 4600 Generation 4 CommandCenter™: 25.4 cm
10 in.
Standard: AM/FM stereo with weatherband, remote controls, auxiliary input jack, four speakers and external antenna
Inner cab volume
3.24 m3
114 cu ft
dB(A) rating
Cab glass area
6.52 m2
70.18 sq ft
Safety glass rating
Front visibility


3235 mm
127.36 in.
Overall width
Overall length
Overall height
Drawbar clearance
Front axle center
Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab


Base machine weight

e23, 457-mm (18-in.) front/rear and 3048-mm (120-in.) tread: 19,600 kg
43,300 lb

Maximum ballast level
20,000 kg
44,100 lb
Maximum permissible weight
24,000 kg
53,000 lb


Crankcase oil volume
26.6 L
7 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank
927 L
245 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank
37.2 L
9.8 U.S. gal.
Cooling system

42.3 L
11.2 U.S. gal.

Transmission-hydraulic system
1930-mm and 2032-mm (76-in. and 80-in.) tread: 250 L
66.1 U.S. gal.
2235-mm and 3048-mm (88-in. and 120-in.) tread: 260.6 L
68.8 U.S. gal.


Interval for engine oil change
500 hours
Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change
1,500 hours
Interval for engine coolant change
6,000 hours


Lift capacity at full height
Maximum lift height
Leveling type

Precision AG

Integrated AutoTrac™
JDLink™ hardware standard, activations, and Ethernet harnesses (availability dependent upon destination)
Remote diagnostics
JDLink hardware standard


AutoTrac ready
ISOBUS ready
CommandCenter video inputs
Side slope rating
Uphill/downhill slope rating
Country of manufacture


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