2530L Nutrient Applicator

  • Reduce crop damage with hydraulic wing kick, high-clearance 
  • Narrow transport width, less than 12 feet
  • Heavy-duty coulters with knife or injector
  • Hydraulic wing down pressure, flex-hinge design

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2530L Liquid Applicator in transport

Narrow transport width improves productivity

Simplify time-consuming transport logistics by easily moving from field to field in the 2530L Liquid Applicator, regardless of road size or quality. Easier machine movement enhances the daily acreage potential which is a critical need in tight application windows, delivering greater operator productivity. Logistical challenges with narrow roadways and bridges are also reduced with these compact transport dimensions.


This innovative toolbar design has a transport width of 3.6 m (11 ft, 10 in.) with optional hydraulically controlled gauge wheels. This folding geometry allows for the reduced transport width. The hydraulic gauge wheels are tied into the hydraulic folding circuit.

Folding geometry of the 2530L

The John Deere 2530L offers two larger configurations to fit any size operation, with working widths of 18.3 m (60 ft) or 20.1 m (66 ft) and side-fold function. The 2530L comes with either a 6814-L or 9842-L (1800-gal. or 2600-gal.) tank and has a working speed ranging from 8-12.9 km/h (5-8 mph). This speed ensures high productivity with low residue disturbances and accurate placement with effective sealing.


7001XF2530L NT – 6814-L (1800-gal.) side-fold liquid applicator
7002XF2530L NT – 9842-L (2600-gal.) side-fold liquid applicator

There are eight different spacing options available on the 2530L, providing operators with a 17- to 49-row application. This versatility allows for machine customization to meet the operator’s needs.


528923 coulters on 76.2-cm (30-in.) spacing
529125 coulters on 76.2-cm (30-in.) spacing
529D47 coulters on 38.1-cm (15-in.) spacing
529E49 coulters on 38.1-cm (15-in.) spacing
529235 coulters on 50.8-cm (20-in.) spacing
529437 coulters on 50.8-cm (20-in.) spacing
529335 coulters on 55.9-cm (22-in.) spacing
529537 coulters on 50.8-cm (20-in.) spacing
529F17 coulters on 91.4-cm (36-in.) spacing
529G19 coulters on 91.4-cm (36-in.) spacing
529H17 coulters on 96.5-cm (38-in.) spacing
529J19 coulters on 96.5-cm (38-in.) spacing
529C17 coulters on 101.6-cm (40-in.) spacing
529K19 coulters on 101.6-cm (40-in.) spacing

Low-profile stealth tank

The low-profile stealth tank of the 2530L offers both 6814-L and 9842-L (1800-gal. and 2600-gal.) capacities with more even weight distribution on the trailer. The low-profile design gives the operator even more visibility from the cab. The compact design also allows the toolbar to fold over the top of the tank, providing the narrow transport dimensions.


This industry-exclusive tank design gives the operator increased productivity and versatility. This patented tank offers:

  • Low center of gravity for increased stability
  • Large trough-sloped sump for maximum cleanout
  • Unique design that allows for operating in various row spacing from 38.1 cm to 101.6 cm (15 in. to 40 in.) depending on coulter spacing, tires, and wheels selection

Tank capacity


The large tank capacities and quick cleanout allows the operator to spend more time in the field and less time rinsing.


Model2530L NT Side-Folding Liquid Applicator
Tank sizes6814 L (1800 gal.)
9842 L (2600 gal.)
Tank fill

7.62-cm (3-in.) tank fill

In order to reduce filling time, the 2530L offers a 7.62-cm (3-in.) fill on 6814-L and 9842-L (1800-gal. and 2600-gal.) tanks.

Rate controller on 2530L

Gen 4 Display

The 2530L comes standard with a GreenStar Rate Controller enabling full one-step integration of the GreenStar Display with the 2530L liquid system. This integration enables:

  • Automatic rate control
  • Field documentation
  • Map-based prescriptions
  • John Deere Section Control*

*NOTE: John Deere Section Control activation required.


System pressure is monitored directly on the GreenStar Display for easy adjustment as well as a secondary standard visual gauge for initial setup or troubleshooting.


John Deere Section Control reduces overlap, thus lowering input costs. The John Deere 2530L has up to five sections of control depending on size and configuration of the machine.


The Premium John Deere solution system consists of the following components:

  • Five-section valve stack
  • KZCO actuators
  • Rate control valve
  • Flowmeter
  • Hypro® 9036 pump
  • GreenStar Rate Controller

Hypro is a trademark of Pentair Flow Technologies, LLC.

2530L Side-Fold in the field

Accurate fertilizer application is vital to increase fertilizer efficiency and effectiveness, which will help a producer reach their yield goals. In addition to mainframe down pressure, the 2530L offers dual-wing hydraulic down pressure in base and a flex-hinged design that ensures accurate fertilizer placement by keeping all coulters in the ground. This hydraulic down pressure will give the coulters even better ground penetration for harder soil conditions, providing a more consistent application.


There is an option for additional hydraulic down pressure on the outer flip wings, providing the same consistency and quality of application in uneven ground conditions.


5170Locking outer wing tip
5171Hydraulic down pressure on outer wing tip


Hydraulic wing down pressure

Hydraulic wing down pressure gauge

The 2530L features hydraulic wing down pressure that applies constant down pressure on the wings to maintain constant depth and application. With up to 4.14 bar (600 psi), it maintains a consistent depth for accurate fertilizer placement.

Flex-wing hinge design

2530L Side-Fold flex hinge

All 2530L Liquid Applicators are designed to have flex for much better ground penetration and even depth control in uneven terrain. This design allows for below-level travel on the toolbar, which ensures the coulter is always in contact with the ground for the most accurate fertilizer placement.


The flex hinge allows for 15-degree below-level and 10-degree above-level travel:

  • Ensures constant contact with the ground
  • Increases performance in uneven terrain
  • Maintains even working depth across the entire working width
  • Provides accurate fertilizer placement

2530L using wing kick

When using side-dress application, an operator’s ability to minimize crop damage during application is paramount. The 2530L comes in base with features such as hydraulic wing kick, single-reach tongue, and higher operating clearances that allow operators to reduce that damage and expand that application window.


Hydraulic wing kick

Hydraulic wing kick is a key feature that helps reduce crop damage. No more dipping into the crop and damaging corn when turning. When the operator lifts the toolbar during the turn, the wings will automatically kick up in order to increase its distance from ground to toolbar. This action allows the operator to have increased clearance on the wings, minimizing crop damage.

Single-reach tongue

2510L tongue

Unlike some fertilizer applicators with an A-frame tongue, the 2530L features a single-reach tongue that is a single tube from the main cart frame to the hitch point. This allows:

  • Sharper turning radius
  • Reduced crop damage
  • Better tractor to implement tracking
Operating toolbar frame clearance

2530L frame clearance

A 74.9-cm (29.5-in.) operating clearance allows the operator to maneuver in the field while minimizing crop damage.

The heavy-duty 50.8-cm (20-in.) AP coulter is made of three castings designed for long-term durability. This coulter ensures that nitrogen is placed in the ground at a consistent depth. It also provides greater flexibility in adjusting and attaching the coulter to the toolbar. The AP coulter features a hardened hex shaft that can easily be adjusted for 7.6-cm (3-in.) or 12.7-cm (5-in.) offsets. There are two options, the knife coulter or injector coulter, depending on soil conditions.


AP coulters slice through residue instead of dragging it or moving it out of the way.

Knife coulter

Knife coulter

The knife coulter is recommended in non-rocky soil conditions. This option allows for the most efficient application of fertilizer by knifing directly into the soil.

Injector coulter

Injector coulter

The injector coulter is recommended in rocky soil conditions. The injector is stainless steel and features non-drip tips that produce constant solid streams up to 45.7-cm (18-in.) long.

  • Reduce crop damage with hydraulic wing kick, high-clearance 
  • Narrow transport width, less than 12 feet
  • Heavy-duty coulters with knife or injector
  • Hydraulic wing down pressure, flex-hinge design


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