Compact Utility Tractors FAQs

What is a compact utility tractor?

Compact utility tractors are smaller versions of utility (or agricultural) tractors. These machines are designed for landscaping, digging, snow removal and other property maintenance.

What models of compact utility tractors does John Deere have?

John Deere offers four families of compact utility tractors that range in horsepower, size, and capability.

What implements do John Deere compact utility tractors have?

These tractors have a wide-range of implements. From backhoes to loaders to mowers to snow blowers, compact utility tractors can do it all.  

Does John Deere offer warranty on its compact utility tractors?

Yes! Every compact utility tractor comes with an industry-leading, 6-year warranty.

Which compact utility tractor model should I buy?

Each family of John Deere compact utility tractors is suited for different types of work. We are happy to help you find the tractor that best suits your needs. Stop by one of our 28 locations or call 888-237-7447 to speak to someone on our team.

Can I test drive it before I buy it?

Absolutely! Come by and try it for yourself.

Where can I buy a John Deere compact utility tractor?

John Deere compact utility tractors are for sale in Missouri and Arkansas at all 28 Greenway Equipment locations.

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