TruSet Tillage Technology

Lower your cost.
Cover more acres.

Machine Compatibility

Your time is valuable.
TruSet Tillage technology makes it fast and easy to adjust depth and pressure right from the cab.

TruSet Tillage

6- second adjustments means increased productivity!

  • Makes adjustments of depth and down-pressure of tillage equipment quick and easy from the cab.
  • Fine-tune your tillage depth with 1/10th of an inch adjustments straight from your cab to be a better quality tillage job.
  • Cover more acres per day because the time you used to spend manually adjusting your implement for changing conditions from one field to the next can now be focused on productivity.
  • TruSet gives you the ability to execute prescriptions and document tillage operations.

TruSet Tillage Technology is compatible with the following equipment:

  • 2730 – Combination Ripper
  • 2720 – Disk Ripper
  • 2230LL – Level-lift Field Cultivator
  • 2230FH – Floating Hitch Field Cultivator
  • 2330 – Mulch Finisher
  • 2630 Series Disks (2630, 2633, 2635)
  • 2633VT – Vertical Tillage
  • 2660VT – Variable Intensity Tillage
  • 2510H – High-Speed Nutrient Applicator Bar
  • 2510 – High-Speed Nutrient Applicator Bar with Dry Nutrient Attachment

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