PROTIVATE™ Nutritional Seed Enhancer

PROTIVATE™ nutritional seed enhancer is designed to help crops thrive in their early stages when conditions may not be ideal for crop growth. This dual-purpose solution offers the critical nutrients needed for early season growth while also replacing talc and graphite. The multiple formulations support various application methods that can fit the equipment available for growers or retailers. This provides a flexible way to put nutrition directly on the seed, right where the crop needs it.



80/20 Talc Graphite Replacement

PROTIVATE’s unique formulation incorporates corn starch to eliminate the need for talc, working as a seed drying source even in high‐humidity conditions. Additionally, NU4‐DRI GRAPHITE is formulated to include graphite, making it ideal for use in high-speed planters, helping to avoid costly skips and doubles during planting.



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