John Deere Gators for Sale Near Little Rock, AR

The John Deere Gator platform provides a base for a wide range of useful utility vehicles. From tough utility vehicles to powerful off-road performance machines, the Gator lineup offers something for everyone. Greenway Equipment is committed to bringing those tools to you and so we have a huge selection of John Deere Gators for sale near Little Rock, AR.

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Traditional Gator

Traditional Gators

Traditional Gators are a boon to any worksite. With a number of various configurations to fit your specific site, the Traditional Gators pack a punch. Numerous drive train options, like 2×4, 4×4 and 6×4 allow you to find a model that can handle your terrain. Engine options range from a neat, fully electric model to powerful diesel and gas options. No matter which engine you choose the Traditional Gators come equipped with a rugged cargo box. A pickup style tailgate and removable side walls allow the cargo box to fit any kind of load. It can even be outfitted with optional side extenders and interior partitions to increase its versatility.

Built for work, these Gators provide a total payload capacity of up to 1600 pounds in the diesel option, and even the electric option provides 900 pounds of payload. That payload can be dumped with a gas-assist shock and, if you need it, can even be outfitted with an electric power lift kit that can dump the cargo box with the flip of a switch.

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Crossover Gator

Crossover Gators

Crossover Gators are designed to bring the power and work capabilities of the Traditional Gator to a more off-road environment. At home on larger farms and ranches, these Crossover Gators have top speeds of up to 45 mph to cover ground fast. Depending on the model, they have cab room for up to 4 people and can still manage cargo loads of up to 1000 pounds on the full-sized models. These tough cargo boxes have many of the same features found on the Traditional Gators, such as 20 tie-down points, gas-assist dumping and removable side walls for a flatbed configuration.

This makes the Crossover Gators absolutely ideal for rugged work around the farm or ranch. Larger off-road tires, powerful engine, 4-person cab capacity and large workload availability makes them some of the most useful utility vehicles you can find. The Crossover Gators are truly the Jack-of-all-trades of the Gator lineup.

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High-Performance Gator

High-Performance Gators

The High-Performance Gators, as the name implies, are built for performance and off-road excursions. If you want to take advantage of all the Natural State has to offer in rugged campgrounds, trails and adventures, then the High-Performance Gator line is for you. These Gators feature an Italian designed motorcycle engine and an independent sport suspension built with FOX Racing shocks to make sure that power gets to the ground. With top speeds of up to 60 mph and impressive steering mechanics, these Gators have the power to handle any terrain. And when it gets really rough, the full-sized undercarriage skid plate helps protect the parts that keep it going. These Gators also manage to maintain a 400-pound cargo capacity, which is enough for all your gear and then some.

These Gators are ideal for people looking to have a good time off-road, on overnight camping treks or who just like to bring a powerful and fun 4×4 utility vehicle along with them on vacation. The cab size and cargo capacity make them ideal for spending some time exploring trails all over the great outdoors of Arkansas.

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No matter what you’re looking for, the John Deere Gator lineup has a model that fits your needs. From stout workhorses for the job site to high-performance vehicles for a little recreation, the Gator platform is one of endless versatility and capabilities. If you’re looking to take advantage of all these awesome vehicles have to offer, contact your local Greenway Equipment and let us help you decide on which one works best for you.

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