John Deere Tractors for Sale in Arkansas

John Deere makes tractors for everyone. Given Arkansas’s wide variety of agriculture, this fits well with Greenway’s mission to provide Arkansas farmers and homeowners the very tractor for their needs. Take a closer look at the tractors we have for sale.

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Compact TractorsCompact Tractors

Compact tractors are a staple for the homeowner or small producer with big dream who needs a powerful machine to match. John Deere offers a wide selection of these tractors, ranging in size from the subcompact 1 Series to the almost full-sized 4 Series. These capable tractors offer the power and versatility of the larger tractors, with implements and attachments like loaders, backhoes, rotary mowers, and tillers. They do this, however, with the nimbleness and maneuverability that their size allows, making them ideal for navigating around smaller plots and livestock pens.

Because of their small size, compact tractors are ideal for homeowners and people who own smaller plots and homesteads. They’re easy to store, don’t use much fuel and their size makes them easy to service, keeping the cost of ownership pretty low.

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Utility TractorsUtility Tractors

Utility tractors are the larger and full-sized cousins of compact tractors. Designed to do it all, these tractors are built for rugged, multipurpose use. The John Deere 5 Series and 6 Series tractors are full-sized, high-powered machines capable of handling the biggest tasks around the farm. Being full-sized means they can handle full-sized implements, as well. Massive loaders, full-sized plows, hay balers, and everything in between. These tractors really can do it all.

Utility tractors are the go-to, all-in-one package for large farming operations and full-sized agriculture producers. Given their huge size and cost of ownership, they require larger storage spaces as well as more specialized technicians to keep them running and in the field.

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Specialty TractorsSpecialty Tractors

John Deere specialty tractors are built to provide the toughness and power of a tractor in highly specialized situations where a utility tractor would be otherwise cumbersome or ill-equipped. Examples of specialty tractors would be the John Deere low profile series, which is perfect for working in low clearance operations, like a chicken coop or an orchard. Made to stand only a few feet tall, they fit well under tight roofs and low-hanging branches, where a larger tractor might not fit or would damage crops. Similarly, high clearance tractors are built for the opposite. Clearing taller crops is something a regular-sized tractor can’t do but that a high-profile tractor excels at.

Specialty tractors are just that, specialized. Which puts them out of the range of an average homeowner and likely out of consideration for a number of farmers. But they are key to the operation of many specific types of producers and make life very easy in select situations.

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