If you’re looking for a hardworking and reliable compact tractor, Greenway Equipment in Bryant, Arkansas has what you need. With 28 locations in Arkansas and Missouri, Greenway Equipment is committed to providing you with the best tractors for every task. We carry high-quality John Deere Compact Utility Tractors, from the dependable 1 Family to the premium 4 Family. No matter which model you choose, you can always expect exceptional John Deere quality and service. Read on to learn more, and stop by Greenway Equipment in Bryant to check out our inventory in person.

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Compact Tractors in Bryant Arkansas

Bryant residents have a choice of four different families of John Deere compact tractors: 1 Family, 2 Family, 3 Family, and 4 Family. Within those families, you can get even more specific about what you need to meet your unique goals.

The most economical tractors of the John Deere compact lineup are the 1 Family models. The John Deere 1 Family tractors are the most compact, so they’re ideal for small properties, yards and gardens. If you’re looking for a small-but-mighty tractor that can tackle the tasks on your to-do list, the 1 Family might be the perfect fit.

Our John Deere 2 Family compact tractors are highly maneuverable and versatile, making them another great choice for Bryant residents. They’re just as stable and dependable as full-sized John Deere tractors, but they’re better for getting in and out of tight spaces and covering a lot of different bases. The best part is that you don’t have to have a lot of extra storage space because the 2 Family tractors can easily park in your shed or garage.

4066M Compact Tractor

When you get to the John Deere 3 Family tractors, you have even more options to choose from. There are two different series within the John Deere 3 Family: the 3E and the 3R. The 3E Series is more economical with plenty of power and stability, while the 3R Series is loaded up with all the best comfort and convenience features.

Weighing in at the top of the John Deere compact tractors is the powerful 4 Family. They are the largest tractors of the lineup, and they’re also the most advanced. They offer top-notch features and premium technology like you won’t find anywhere else. Under the 4 Family umbrella, you can choose between either the capable 4M Series or the top-of-the-line 4R Series.

If you want to experience the power and versatility of a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor for yourself, stop by Greenway Equipment in Bryant, Arkansas and talk to Wally. He and the rest of the team would love to answer all your questions and show you around the equipment. In the meantime, you can give us a call at (501) 753-4100 or get a quote on our website.

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