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If you operate John Deere equipment, it’s important to use the right parts to help keep it up and running in tip-top shape. Here at Greenway Equipment, we carry a wide selection of high-quality parts for your equipment, including John Deere filters and oil. Whether you’re operating a combine or a Gator, you’re going to need oil and filters annually. Right now is a great time to buy those things at Greenway Equipment, because we’re offering 15% off John Deere filters for all equipment through the end of January.

Even without a discount, John Deere filters offer the best value of any filters out there. That’s because they have the best filtering media, the best prices, and the best John Deere service from us here at Greenway Equipment. And now they’re on sale! What more could you ask for? Take a look at some of the different types of filters we have to offer for 15% off below.

Oil Filters

John Deere oil filters are expertly designed to keep your equipment running correctly and efficiently. When dirt and other contaminants try to make their way into your machine, the John Deere filters will catch them before they get through and pollute your engine. If your oil gets dirty, it can slow down your equipment. John Deere filters are thoroughly tested to make sure they capture more dust than other, lower-quality filters. Because of that, your equipment will be more productive with longer service intervals.

Air Filters

Another line of products that is very important when it comes to protecting your engine against contaminants is John Deere Air Filters. These high-quality air filters help reduce engine wear by removing dust and dirt from the intake air. John Deere filters are designed to be highly efficient, so you can count on them to trap the tiniest and most unwanted pollutants.

Fuel Filters

Our John Deere Fuel Filters are excellent for cutting down on the issue of water getting into your machine. Water is the number one enemy when it comes to your fuel, so you want to make sure you can keep it out as much as possible. Not only do John Deere fuel filters trap water, but they are also cleverly crafted to repel it. They have a coated media that keeps water at bay, which helps to prevent rust and other buildups that might damage your fuel and lead to lousy fuel economy.

Hydraulic Filters

If you’re in need of hydraulic filters, we have those too! John Deere Hydraulic Filters are specifically made to protect John Deere hydraulic systems from problems like component wear and hydraulic surge flow. These filters work to keep contaminants outside and to keep sludge and acid from harming your equipment.

When these filters are used in combination with John Deere oil, you can’t go wrong. John Deere oil is designed by John Deere engineers for the demanding off-road environments in which our machines operate. Whether you have a mower, a Gator, a tractor, a sprayer, a combine or any other type of John Deere equipment, you can keep them protected with John Deere filters and oil. Get yours today to save money and extend your service intervals!

Just stop by your Greenway Equipment location, and our experts can help you out with all your oil and filter needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 15% off deal on all filters through the end of January!

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