John Deere AutoTrac for Hay

John Deere’s AutoTrac technology is a huge advancement in tractor guidance. This assisted steering system is designed to handle most of the steering operations in a tractor once a guiding line has been set. Notably, this helps significantly in row crop operations where the exacting nature of the AutoTrac can help prevent crop damage and minimize overlap.

AutoTrac is a great—and greatly overlooked—choice for hay operations. Mowers, windrowers and balers all benefit from moving in predictable, consistent lines which is exactly what AutoTrac can do for you. Focus our attention on your speed, keep a better eye on your implement, and let AutoTrac handle the steering.

Set up is easy and managed through an in-cab display which allows you to set guidance paths and also manage adjustments on the fly if your tractor begins to drift. Even better, the whole auto-steering apparatus and display can be changed between implements with AutoTrac setups.

Check out the video below and see just how easy and helpful the AutoTrac system is for handling hay operations.

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