How to Choose the Right Mower for Your Lawn

What’s the difference between Lawn Tractors and Zero-Turn Mowers, and which is better for you?

The good news? You can’t go wrong with either. Each of these John Deere mowers includes industry-leading technology to provide a quality cut, simple controls, and a comfortable experience. But because no two lawns are the same, our team wants to make sure you’re walking out with the best possible solution. We’ll give you a quick breakdown that shows the differences between each lawnmower.

Lawn Tractors

Zero-Turn Mowers


With more intuitive controls, you’ll find these mowers to be quite similar to driving a car. Designed to offer reliable functionality and a simple operating experience, these mowers are controlled with a steering wheel, a gas pedal and a brake. 

Our Lawn Tractors offer deck sizes ranging from 42 to 60 inches. A heavy-duty transmission and standard traction control will keep you running strong through rough conditions.


When you sit down in the seat of a John Deere ZTrak Zero-Turn, you’ll find two levers on either side of you. This steering system offers the unique ability to control each direction simultaneously so you can turn on a dime. 

Speeds up to 10 mph and deck sizes reaching as wide as 60-inches mean it’ll take fewer swaths to get the job done. You’ll be able to wiz through this weekly chore in no time. 

Lawn Conditions

Because of its sturdy build and front-wheel drive, lawn tractors are much better candidates for tackling hills and uneven terrain. As a word of caution, make sure to steer clear of hills with over 15 degrees of slope.

Lawn Conditions

While Lawn Tractors are better for tackling hills, Zero-Turn Mowers are better for taking on curves and tight corners. The simple maneuverability offered by the steering system allows you to navigate around trees and alongside garden beds. 


With multiple series and models to choose from, you can personalize your mowing experience to fit your yard, your needs and your budget. Choose from any of these Series and find features like the 30-second Easy Change oil system, power steering, 4-wheel steering and multiple different decks.

  • 100 Series

  • 200 Series

  • X300 or X500 Select Series

  • X700 Signature Series


Our ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers offer three different series, each with multiple different models. By offering these differences in price, horsepower and features, you’ll be able to find your perfect match. You can read more information, like the different decks and various capabilities offered, here.

  • Z300 Series

  • Z500 Series

  • Z700 Series


What if you could skip the hassle of bagging AND boost the health of your lawn? When you invest in a Lawn Tractor with an Accel Deep mower deck, you do just that with the help of the optional MulchControl kit. 

Our Lawn Tractors’ other biggest selling points are the attachments they offer. These mowers go beyond the realm of mowing by offering attachments to take on jobs like gardening, seeding and more. Who says lawn mowers can’t do more?


Like the Lawn Tractor, each ZTrak model that comes with an Accel Deep mower deck also offers an optional Mulch Control kit to save time and stress. Most decks also offer Twin Touch foot pedals along with a powerful hydrostatic transmission. 

You’ll also have the choice to take advantage of our High-Capacity PRO decks. With heavy steel and a wider discharge, you’ll be able to leave behind a finished appearance no matter the conditions.

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The verdict? John Deere Lawn Tractors are typically better suited for small- to medium-sized, hilly lawns and for those looking for an authentic, simple operating experience that can accomplish multiple jobs year-round. In contrast, our John Deere ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers are better suited for large, curvy lawns with scattered trees and bushes and for those looking to make new strides across the grass.

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