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Here at Greenway Equipment, we deeply value our team and consider every employee to be an important member of the Greenway family. This month, we want to recognize our Marketing Coordinator, Perla Maldonado.

If you know Perla, chances are it’s not because she changed your oil or helped you pick out the perfect tractor. Her role is a little less hands-on with the equipment, but it’s equally important. As the Marketing Coordinator, Perla works behind the scenes to strengthen Greenway’s brand image and increase customer satisfaction. You might see her working at an event or filming a customer’s video testimony.

Perla started working at Greenway Equipment as an intern in 2017, but it didn’t take long for her to move up to a permanent position. We feel lucky to have her leading the charge for our internal marketing efforts. Marketing is an essential part of not just the equipment industry, but every industry today.

“Every day is a new learning opportunity,” Perla said, “but the goal remains the same:  Create new strategies to represent Greenway in the best way possible.”

For Perla, every workday looks different from the last. The job is full of surprises and challenges that are constantly pushing her to put her best foot forward. Some days she works out of the office on in-house marketing — banners, social media, online store, order fulfillment, promotional items, etc. Other days she might be working local events in Arkansas or Missouri or attending John Deere events in Houston or Orlando.

“Almost [every] project is unprecedented in Greenway’s history, so [it’s all about] taking an idea and working until it is made into reality,” Perla said. “The challenge is my favorite part of my job.”

The equipment industry is only getting more competitive every day, according to Perla. With that in mind, she recognizes the importance of creating top-of-mind awareness for Greenway when it comes to the customers.

“Even though John Deere has a legendary reputation, we still must prove to customers that they are buying more than a name, they are purchasing quality equipment and technology when buying Green,” Perla said. “Further, we must set ourselves apart from other John Deere dealerships, proving that Greenway provides unparalleled product support and service.”

From a young age, Perla has seen the value of dedication and a strong work ethic. She enjoys pushing herself to consistently improve and learn new things. As the only person on the in-house marketing team, she is used to setting goals and juggling many responsibilities at one time.

“There are so many projects that need to be done, and even more projects that we have yet to explore,” she said. “My current goal is to build Greenway’s marketing department into a team that is consistently innovating the ways we present our brand to the states of Arkansas and Missouri and beyond.”

When Perla isn’t working, she likes to take long walks and go hiking. She has a large family, and she is the middle child of 5 siblings. Her family is constantly growing as her siblings are getting married and having children, so there’s never a dull moment.

“Family time can be a bit chaotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Perla said. “We are very tight-knit and we meet for dinner at least once a week. I know that no matter where life takes me, they will always be my anchors.”

Perla grew up around agriculture, chopping cotton every summer and visiting the Senter Farm’s Cotton Gin each weekend between October and early December. She was always intrigued by the soy, cotton, rice and corn fields surrounding her parents’ home.

“Looking out my window, agriculture is everywhere,” Perla said. “It’s just the way of life [around here], whether you choose it or not.”

Perla, we’re so glad to have you in the Greenway Equipment family. Thank you for all that you do for Greenway and our customers. We appreciate you!

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