Best Small Farm Implements You Never Knew You Needed

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose which implements are the “best” and the “most useful”. Our team at Greenway Equipment is here to help you figure out which implements will be best for you and your farm. Running a small farm should be fun and exciting. You shouldn’t have to stress about not having the equipment you need to smoothly run your operation. To make choosing which implement you need simpler, we have listed some of the implements we find to be most useful and versatile.

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Must Haves

If you are looking for a few implements to get started with, the following pieces are great ones to get: 


Rotary Cutter

Box Blade

The tasks you can tackle when you have a front loader set up on your tractor are endless. Having a loader lets you use other implements such as buckets, hay forks, and pallet forks. It is most commonly used with a bucket. When the bucket is attached you can move materials, level land, lift heavy loads, and do an infinite amount of tasks.

If you have land with any amount of grass, having a rotary cutter is a necessity. Rotary cutters are designed to clear brush and cut through heavy grass and weeds. We offer a wide variety of rotary cutter sizes so you can get one that fits the size of your tractor and the needs of your land.

Made for spreading, leveling and backing filling, box blades are a great implement to start off with. You can say goodbye to the headache of not being able to move  and level dirt/gravel how you want it. These are great for working on driveways, arenas, and gardens, as well as landscaping.

I Want a LoaderI Want a Rotary CutterI Want a Box Blade


Frequently Overlooked (but incredibly useful)

Overlooked doesn’t mean these implements aren’t important, it just means people don’t realize how useful they are. Below are some under-appreciated implements that will make managing your small farm even easier.

Chain Harrows

Hay Spear


Chain harrows are great for breaking up and spreading out materials. You can use them in pastures to distribute manure piles, knocking over and leveling molehills, and breaking up dirt clots to prepare the soil for seed to be planted. By using chain harrows, you are helping soil breathe and take in more water. Chain harrows are also great for smoothing the surface of dirt driveways and other flat areas.



This one is for hay farmers, ranchers, and equestrian farmers. Having a hay spear is a must when you need to distribute round bales. Three-point mount hay spears make moving hay much easier. If you want a way to carry hay while maintaining your forward visibility, a three-point hay spear is the implement for you. Maybe you already have hay forks on the front and are wanting to carry more than one bale at a time? When using front hay fronts and a rear hay spear, you get your job done twice as fast.


Disks are great for soil management. They can break up soil clumps, aerate the ground so it absorbs more water, and disturb weed growth so crops aren’t fighting for space. Disking also helps mix the soil to keep it healthier. After your garden/small crop is finished growing and producing, you can disk the remains into the soil at the end of the season to add to the ground’s fertility.



I Want a Chain HarrowI Want a Hay SpearI Want a Disk


Improve your efficiency and reduce your stress with our top most useful tractor implements. These implements come in sizes to fit all of our John Deere tractor models. Let us know what size tractor you have (or want), what implements you are interested in, and we will get you set up. At Greenway Equipment, we strive each day to make your farming experience more enjoyable.

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