5 Implements to take your CUT to the next level

Buying a compact utility tractor is step one in making a commitment to take your land to the next level. Without attachments, you’re not maximizing your tractor’s capabilities. It’s the wide availability of implements and attachments that make a tractor attractive. But for a first-time tractor buyer, that variety can be a bit overwhelming. What implements should you buy that will truly unleash your tractor’s potential? Here are 5 implements to take your tractor to the next level.

1. Mower Decks

One of the best features of the smaller compact utility tractors is their use of the AutoConnect mid-mount mower decks. This allows you to have a tractor and ride-on mower all in one machine. And since they connect automatically just by driving over them, the ability to go from tractor chores to mowing takes just moments.

2. Front Loader

A basic and highly useful implement, having a front loader is almost essential to the compact utility tractor. Every model tractor has at least one loader perfectly matched to it, and some give you a variety to choose from depending on your needs. Even the smallest front loader on the smallest tractor has a lift capacity of 754 pounds. No matter what you need to tackle, you can handle it.

3. Backhoes

Backhoes are another excellent way to take advantage of your compact utility tractor’s potential. Just about anything you want to do can be made easier with a backhoe, whether you’re putting in a retaining wall or digging trenches for drainage. Because John Deere compact utility tractors are designed with implement compounding in mind, you can have a factory-installed backhoe and front loader installed at the same time without worry

4. Post Hole Diggers

If you’re going to install a fence, you don’t want to have to dig all those holes by hand. Even with a motorized post hole digger, can be quiet strenuous on the body. Luckily, John Deere post hole diggers exist for just this instance. These PTO driven post hole diggers exist for every compact utility tractor model and quickly turn your fencing dreams into a reality.

5. Rear Blades and Land Planes

Keeping your gravel drives in top shape can be a bit of a chore, given the often unpredictable weather in Arkansas and Missouri. Quick freezes, long periods of precipitation and then long dry periods can all wreak havoc on the ground and create conditions that throw the surface of your drive out of whack. Luckily, rear blades and land planes can make quick work of re-leveling your drive or spreading new gravel.

Implements and attachments are what make a tractor, so don’t hesitate about picking up the implements you’ll need to tackle any projects like a professional. 

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