SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders

  • Polyethylene hopper resists moisture and chemicals
  • PTO-driven
  • 3 different spread patterns always available
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Compatible with 3-point hitch systems

iMatch makes attachment time quick and easy

The SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders are compatible with tractors featuring Category 0 (only SS1036B and SS2036B) and Category 1 3-point hitches.


The optional iMatch™ quick-htich compatibility (only SS1067B and SS2067B) makes attachment time quick and easy, maximizing operation time.


NOTE: If this option is chosen, the broadcast spreader must be specified to the factory as iMatch.


SS20B Series hopper

View into the hopper

The Frontier™ SS20B Series Broadcast Spreader hopper’s polyethylene material resists moisture and chemicals, allowing longer wear life even under the harshest weather conditions:

  • A seamless, conical hopper produces a quick, easy flow.
  • Plastic hopper and stainless-steel internal components are chemical and water resistant.
  • Standard fixed agitator stationed inside the hopper aids product down to the gate opening.

Broadcast spreaders are PTO driven

Close-up view

The SS10B and SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders are both PTO driven:

  • Compatible with tractors ranging from 11.9 kW (16 hp) to 41 kW (55 hp)
  • Equipped with 540-rpm PTO and a sealed, heavy-duty gearbox containing extreme pressure (EP) grade grease.

Ground-driven controls

Different swath spread patterns are available so the broadcast spreader can accommodate various tasks with precision and efficiency.


All broadcast spreaders allow three different swath spread patterns:

  • Predominantly left
  • Predominantly right
  • Left to right

All the field conversion agitator kits listed below allow operators to use multiple types of seed or fertilizer without clumping up.

The hopper covers seal tightly around the containers so seed or fertilizer will not get wet or spill while in transport. Hopper covers are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


The field conversion kits listed below are identified for the appropriate broadcast or pendular spreaders.

Deflector shield conversion kits for broadcast spreaders ensure that material is thrown where the operator chooses.


Side-row discharge conversion kits for broadcast spreaders focus the spread to the side of the tractor.


The left-right direction attachment concentrates material to specific areas when using pendular spreaders.


A salt and sand spout kit and an optional locking nut are also available.

The field-installed remote gate kit allows the operator to easily engage the spreader from the seat without having to dismount the tractor.

  • Polyethylene hopper resists moisture and chemicals
  • PTO-driven
  • 3 different spread patterns always available
  • iMatchTM compatible


Hopper width
106.7 cm
42 in.
Hopper loading height
101.6 cm
40 in.


Hopper capacity
307.5 kg
678 lb
56.7 kg
125 lb
Shipping (per pair)
145.1 kg
320 lb


Volume capacity
0.3 m3
10.6 cu ft


540 rpm
Tractor hp range
12-41 kW
16-55 hp
Shaft category
1: Heavy-duty shielded 3.5 cm
1.375 in.


3-point, Category 1
iMatchTM compatible


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