SP22 Series Soil Pulverizers

  • Compression springs
  • Cutting teeth for superior soil preparation
  • iMatch™ compatible
  • Steel roller studded with spikes

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Compression springs

The SP10 Series Soil Pulverizers have two 68-kg (150-lb) compression springs, and the SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers have two 72.6-kg (160-lb) compression springs to keep the roller in contact with the ground and force the spikes into the soil down to 25.4-mm (1-in.) deep.

Cutting teeth on SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers

The SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers feature a double set of 12.7-mm x 50.8-mm (0.5-in. x 2-in.) bar-type cutting teeth. Their staggered mounting slices the surface every 71.1 mm (2.8 in.) for superior soil preparation.


The teeth are reversible for extra life.

Frontier™ soil pulverizers are easy to hook up

The iMatch quick-hitch system converts the tractor’s 3-point hitch to fixed hooks for a super-quick connection.

Steel rollers provide enhanced precision

The steel roller on all SP Series Soil Pulverizers are studded with 9.65-mm x 25.4-mm (0.38-in. x 1-in.) spikes that penetrate the toughest surfaces, breaking down clods and creating a fine finish.


Add an optional second roller with two 36.3-kg (80-lb) compression springs for an even smoother finish.

By installing a second roller assembly kit to soil pulverizers, the second roller helps smooth out material after it has been pulverized.


The field-conversion second roller assembly kits below are identified by part number and the specific soil pulverizers each kit is for.

  • Compression springs
  • Cutting teeth for superior soil preparation
  • iMatch™ compatible
  • Steel roller studded with spikes


Working width
213.4 cm
84 in.
99.1 cm
39 in.
30.5×29.2 cm
12×11.5 in.


396.9 kg
875 lb
426.4 kg
940 lb


Cat. 1
iMatch™ compatibility

Scarifying teeth

Front quantity
Front dimensions
1.3×5.1 cm
0.5×2 in.
Rear quantity
Rear dimensions
1.3×5.1 cm
0.5×2 in.


Roller diameter
16.8 cm
6.6 in.
Roller pin quantity
Roller pin size
1×2.5 cm
0.38×1 in.
Bearing size
2.5 cm
1 in.

Compression springs

Down pressure per spring
72.6 kg
160 lb

Second roller assembly (optional)

Spring quantity
Spring down pressure per spring
36.3 kg
80 lb


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