SB13 Series Snowblowers

  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Multiple hitch capabilities
  • Hydraulic drum rotation
  • Gearbox reducer kit

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Increase durability and life of unit

The adjustable steel skid shoes on the SB13 Series increase the durability and life of the snowblowers.

iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible

SB11 Series Snowblowers have different hitch capabilities. Models SB1148, SB1154, SB1164, and SB1174 are Category 1 and iMatch compatible. Model SB1184 is Category 1 and iMatch compatible and Category 2 and Quik-Coupler compatible. Model SB1194 is Category 2 and Quik-Coupler compatible.


All SB13 Series models come with a Category 2 3-point hitch. In addition, SB1308, SB1308R, and SB1309R are Category 2 and 3 compatible. The SB13 Series models are all Quik-Coupler compatible.

Blows snow exactly where the operator wants it

All SB13 Series Snowblowers are equipped with hydraulic chute rotation. Chute rotation adds versatility by allowing the operator to blow snow exactly where they want it to go.

Control discharge from tractor seat

On all SB13R models, the hydraulic drum rotation is standard and is great for operators who want to move large amounts of snow at a faster rate of speed while consuming less horsepower when discharging snow out the drum door.


The drum door is hydraulically opened and closed, allowing operators to discharge snow to the side when it is open or discharge snow through the chute when the door is closed. 


All of this can be done without ever leaving the seat of the tractor. 

Moves and blows snow faster

Moving snow faster and blowing it farther is simple with four or five impeller blades. Optional dual augers are available on certain models for a larger amount of snow removal.

Manual chute deflector adjustment

The SB13 Series Snowblowers come with a manual chute deflector adjustment. This is beneficial when operating around buildings or on city streets.


The optional hydraulically controlled chute deflector is available and controlled from the seat of the tractor, making adjustments even quicker and easier.

The field-installed drift cutter kits are used when snow is taller than the blower. It directs tall snow down to the snowblower, where it can be redirected.


NOTE: For SB1388R, SB1388, SB1308, SB1308R, SB1392 and SB1392R Three-Point Snowblowers, and SB2164 and SB2176 Loader-Mount Snowblowers.

These durable cutting edges are made of CHT400 steel. They scrape the layer of ice under the snow and blow it with the snow through the chute. 

This field-installed gearbox reducer kit is required for reducing units from 1000 rpm to 540 rpm. 


NOTE: Attachment 5RDF0023 is needed to complete the gearbox reducer kit.

The Quik-Hitch kit allows compatibility of Category 2 and Category 3 Quik-Hitch units.


NOTE: For SB1308R, SB1308, SB1309R, SB1392R, and SB1392 Three-Point Snowblowers.

The quick-disconnect yoke series 08, 4.4 cm (1.75 in.) with 20 splines, is for SB13 Series Three-Point Snowblowers. This field-installed kit allows the unit to be converted from a 540-rpm power take-off (PTO) to a 1000-rpm PTO.


NOTE: Bundle number 5RDF0022 (gearbox reducer) is needed to complete this kit.

The second auger kit is great to use in tall snow, breaking up and pushing the snow to the middle where the impeller throws it through the chute. It comes in 35.6-cm (14-in.) and 38.1-cm (15-in.) diameters.

Chute deflector and rotation kits allow the operator to change the direction of snow exiting the chute. 

  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Multiple hitch capabilities
  • Hydraulic drum rotation
  • Gearbox reducer kit


111.8 cm
44 in.
Transport width
251.5 cm
99 in.
Working width
248.9 cm
98 in.
166.4 cm
65.5 in.


978.4 kg
2157 lb
1000.2 kg
2205 lb


Two-part or three-part
Deflector adjustment
Hydraulic cylinder
Rotation type
37.8 cm
14.875 in.
Rotation degrees
270 degree (angle)


61 cm
24 in.
195 rpm
Overload protection
Single, dual is optional


540 rpm
76.2 cm
30 in.
30.48 cm
12 in.
Optional secondary auger diameter
38.1 cm
15 in.

Tractor compatibility

Standard – 540 rpm
Optional – 1000 rpm
Minimum hp
67.1 kW
90 hp
Maximum hp
134.2 kW
180 hp
PTO overload protection


Idler adjustment


Cat. 2, Cat. 3
Quick coupler

Warranty period

One year
Gear box
One year


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