PTO-7664 – Spare Safety Plunger Pin for Compact Tractors (SLIC Pin)


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“The PTO Link™ Compact – Safety Plunger Pin (SLIC Pin™) also known as the Quick-Release SLIC Pin is truly one slick pin! SLIC is an acronym for Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin, and as the name implies, it is a pin and cotter all in one! This one-piece locking clevis pin is fast and secure. The PTO Link™ system already comes with a replaceable spring-loaded safety pin affixed onto the tractor (female) plate that engages with the implement (male) plate and would be adequate for most low torque scenarios. However, this separate Safety Plunger Pin (included standard in all system packages) functions as a supplementary quick locking pin for the PTO Link™ system and when installed provides the following benefits:

snugly secures and aligns the male and female plates of the PTO Link™ system together to minimize vibration and wear to your driveline;
balances and absorbs excess torque across the entire plate diameter of the PTO Link™ system, providing added strength to your PTO connection during high torque or reverse torque scenarios.
provides enhanced safety, protection and durability to your PTO Link™ system.
The Safety Plunger Pin features a strong, spring-loaded plunger that functions as an easy insertion wedge. The wedge plunger retracts when inserted, then springs back up when through the joined plates. The vertical face at the rear of the plunger prevents backing out and locks the pin into place!

Installation instructions: Prior to installing the Safety Plunger Pin, first install the PTO Link™ plates on the tractor (female plate) and implement (male plate) then engage the male/female coupling, rotating the four male studs counter-clockwise into the four female teardrop openings until the safety spring loaded shear pin has locked. Note the aligned 1/2” opening through both plates of the connected PTO Link™ system, positioned 180° across the plate, opposite the spring loaded shear/locking pin. To install the Safety Plunger Pin, first rotate the connected male plate counter-clockwise to ensure the clearance and alignment of the pin holes. From the tractor side, insert the pin into the designated opening through both plates, with the head of the pin ALWAYS facing the tractor. The wedge of the Safety Plunger Pin (now emerging from the implement side plate) will release its internal spring and secure the tractor plate snug against the implement plate providing a minimal gap or space remaining between the plates.

To uninstall, just depress the wedge plunger and push the end of the pin toward the tractor. Then, pull the head of the emerging pin through the plates from the tractor side, releasing the pin from the joined plates. Once accustomed to the Safety Plunger Pin, your process to reinstall and uninstall will take only a few seconds. When the plates of the PTO Link™ system are not connected, we recommend you attach the plunger pin into the designated pin hole of the tractor (female) plate for safekeeping until the system is reconnected.

Dimensions: (1.25” L x 0.625” W)
Pin Weight: 1.1 oz
Pin Shipping Weight: 2 oz”


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