390 Offset Flail Mower

  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Available with a 12 or 26-inch offset
  • Heavy-duty gearbox and drive shaft
  • Reliable, heavy-duty HC section belts

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Heavy-duty gearbox

PTO drive shaft

All John Deere flail mowers feature this rugged, heavy-duty gearbox with a continuous 65-hp rating and an intermittent 90-hp rating. Another feature included is a five-year, unlimited-hour warranty.

Side-slicer knives

Base equipment side-slicer knives are good all-purpose knives. They provide aggressive cutting action in tough conditions.


The side-slicer knife characteristics are as follows:

  • Knives are made of heat-treated alloy steel for durability.
  • Individual knife weight, along with the centrifugal force created, provides an aggressive cutting action.
  • Edges are ground to provide a sharp cutting surface and reduced horsepower requirements.


Smooth-cut knives can be ordered as an option:

  • Smooth-cut knives utilize the same mountings as the side-slicer knives.
  • These optional knives are good for grassy, weedy conditions and are self-cleaning.
  • Knives can also be resharpened for added wear life.

Heavy-duty hood and end plates

The hood and end plates are designed for heavy-duty applications:

  • Hood is made of 0.48-cm (0.188-in.) thick steel to resist denting and wear.
  • End plates are made of 0.64-cm (0.250-in.) thick steel to provide structural support and resistance to side thrusts.
  • Full-length torque tube helps prevent twisting when operating on uneven ground.

3-point hitch on 360 Flail Mower

3-point hitch on 370 and 390 Flail Mowers

All machines have a Category 2/1 3-point hitch. Bushings or reversible pins are included for Category 2/1 compatibility.


The 360, 370, and 390 Mowers with centrally mounted hitches are suited for normal cutting conditions:

  • 360 Mower is compatible with quick-coupler Category 1 only.
  • 370 and 390 Mowers are compatible with quick-coupler Category 1 and 2.

The 390 Mower with a 30.5-cm or 66-cm (12-in. or 26-in.) hitch offset to the right is ideal for trimming along walls, buildings, trees with low-lying branches, fences, or orchards.

  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Available with a 12 or 26-inch offset
  • Heavy-duty gearbox and drive shaft
  • Reliable, heavy-duty HC section belts

Key Specs

Cutting width
Cutting height
Blades – Number
Blades – Type
Rotor – Diameter
Tractor horsepower required – Minimum
Tractor horsepower required – Maximum
Quick-coupler compatible
Weight – Approximate


Cutting width
Offset 0.3 or 0.7 m
12 or 26 in.
2.3 m
90.5 in.
Cutting height
13 to 127 mm
0.5 to 5 in.
Hood thickness
4.8 mm
0.19 in.


168 (84 pairs)
Heat-treated Reversible Side-slice (Optional Smooth-cut Cupped Knives)
Tip speed


1,850 rpm
114 mm
4.5 in.


540 rpm
Gear case (cont. rating)
2-section 5VX-2 notched
Gauge roller
140 mm
5.5 in.

Tractor HP Required

22 kW
30 hp
56 kW
75 hp


Overall width
2.5 m
99 in.
Overall height
0.99 m
39 in.
Overall length
1 m
40 in.


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