Every lawn is different and for every lawn, there is a lawn mower that fits it best. That's why John Deere offers a huge range of lawn mowers, so every homeowner can find the style and model that best fits their needs. Whether you prefer a more traditional ride-on mower, need a zero-turn to handle a larger lawn, or might be thinking about a compact tractor to do it all, Greenway Equipment has the lawn mower to fit your yard. If you’re looking for a lawn mower for sale near Little Rock, then drop by Greenway Equipment today!

Lawn Mowers For Sale Near Little Rock,AR
Lawn Mowers in Little Rock

Ride-On Mowers

For most homeowners, a standard ride-on mower is exactly what they need. John Deere makes a wide range of models, with a variety of different engines and deck sizes to give you exactly the cutting power you need. You’ll also get to choose the level of comfort you’d like, with features like suspension seats and power steering to keep you comfortable. And if you’d like to do a bit more, the high-end models like the X700 Series can even drive a small selection of lawn care implements to help you take on larger tasks.

Zero-Turn Mowers

For people with larger lawns or expansive land, the zero-turn mowers are an excellent choice. Their fast forward mowing speed and wide, high capacity decks mean they can cover significant ground in no time at all. And because they’re purpose-built to handle mowing large spaces, you can count on the predictable performance and high-quality cuts time after time. The Z300, Z500, and Z700 lines of zero-turn mowers offer increasing mowing speeds and comfort features, culminating in the Z700 that takes many design features from commercial quality mowers.

1 Series Tractors

If you’d like a lawn mower that can do everything, then the 1 Series sub-compact tractors might be more your speed. Only a few inches longer than many standard ride-on mowers, it’ll still fit neatly in your garage. But with an independent PTO, 3 point rear hitch, and powerful hydraulic system, you’ll be able to tackle just about anything. Run a front loader, rear backhoe, and then mow your lawn, all in the same afternoon with the same machine. That’s the versatility the 1 Series has to offer.

No matter what kind of lawn equipment you prefer, Greenway Equipment has the model for you. Drop by any of our locations near Little Rock and check them out for yourself.

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