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Throughout history, Missouri has been home to rich farmlands. Today it has almost 100 thousand farms that represent an 88 billion dollar industry. This connection to the land is an important part of both Missouri and John Deere’s legacy. At Greenway Equipment, we’re honored to be able to play a part in this wide and rich Missouri tradition.

It’s never been easy, and we know all too well the challenges that you face every day. But we also know you can take them head-on. You’ve proven that year in and year out, and we’ve been with you every step of the way. That’s not a relationship we take lightly, and we work every day to make sure that our Missouri customers can meet the demands of the industry in stride, with the help of John Deere.

Farming feels both like an industry lost in time and an industry that is changing so rapidly that it’s easy to get left behind. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at Greenway to bring you John Deere equipment that you can rely on, with the service and support you need to keep moving. That’s what we’re all about. There’s a thin line to tread between investing in equipment that will last your farm for generations and making sure you have the latest tools from John Deere to get the most out of your crops. That’s why we have the best-trained and most experienced staff on hand to help you navigate changes in the industry and protect your investment.

There’s nothing we take more seriously than our commitment to you because we know you take your commitment to feeding America just as seriously. It’s a partnership we treasure and we are humbled to have been a small part of your success. We look forward to continuing to provide Missouri farmers with the John Deere equipment they need for many years to come.

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