John Deere 3D Tractors for Sale in Arkansas

Looking for tractors that can buckle down and get the job done? Greenway Equipment in Arkansas is selling just the tractors you are looking for, the John Deere 3D tractors. These tractors are the workhorses of the 3 series. They are built to do heavy hauling and fit into areas too small for larger tractors. Their heavy-duty drivetrain allows them to haul twice as much as comparable tractors. These tractors are forces to be reckoned with.

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3025D Tractor

What You Can Do With These Machines

John Deere 3D tractors are a great addition to your private property or small agriculture operation. They have a light enough footprint to not tear up the ground when working but are heavy-duty enough to let you get into the nitty-gritty jobs. These machines are built for hauling heavy materials. With a hauling capacity of 4409 lbs, these tractors are equipped to pull wagons and trailers full of heavy crops and materials. When using the John Deere 300E Loader, you can lift up to 1186 lbs which makes it great for hauling split wood, doing dirt work, and hauling garden materials. The 3D tractors are perfect for hauling, landscaping, gardening, clearing brush, and being your right-hand machine.

Models in the 3D Series

There are three models in the 3D series. The 3025D, the 3035D, and the 3043D. With three different models, you have the freedom to choose which machine best correlates with your operation. Each of these models can perform similar tasks. Choosing the one that best suits you just depends on how big your tasks are and how much power you need to complete them. Each of the models has the authentic John Deere feel and gives you the same satisfying feeling when you are operating them.


The Specs That Make These Machines Shine

The 3D compact utility tractors have several specs that make them stand out from the crowd.

  • Engine power (gross)
    24.7-42.2 hp

  • Power take-off (PTO) power
    36.3 hp

  • Implement hydraulics
    5.1 GPM

  • Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms
    1670 lb

  • Standard transmission
    8F/8R synchromesh shuttle shift gear transmission

  • Engine torque at rated speed
    78 lb-ft

  • Fuel tank capacity
    36.7 L

  • Steering
    Power steering

  • Hauling Capacity
    4409 lbs

  • Axle capacity
    Front – 1940 lb
    Rear – 3527 lb

For a more hands-on experience with the 3D John Deere tractors, swing by your local Greenway Equipment dealership. We are always eager to help you find tractors that will best suit your needs and leave you feeling proud of your purchase. We are here to help make sure you don’t experience buyer’s remorse. Shop Greenway Equipment, where your needs always come first.

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