From new homeowners to long-time farmers, John Deere Compact Tractors offer something for everyone. With diverse capabilities for a wide variety of jobs, there’s not much you can’t do with a compact tractor from Greenway Equipment. We have plenty of compact tractors available from the 1 Family to the top-tier 4 Family here at Greenway Equipment in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best John Deere equipment and the best service in the Jonesboro area. Stop by and see us!

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Compact tractors are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer not only four different families of compacts, but even more specific options within those families. The different models and features we have available can help you meet your goals, down to every unique detail. Once you know which family will work best for you, you can choose the best implements and optional features to customize it exactly how you need to.

GEI 1 Series

The John Deere 1 Series

The John Deere 1 Family is a great place to get started exploring compact tractors. These small-but-mighty tractors are affordable, easy to handle, and as compact as they come. They’re not to be underestimated, though. The 1 Family tractors can take on all kinds of different duties. With the addition of a loader, backhoe, and blade; you have the perfect mini-tractor that can also double as a riding mower. If you have a small property or you’re looking for your first tractor, the John Deere 1 Family might be right for you.


The John Deere 2 Series

The John Deere 2 Family compact tractors are remarkably versatile, offering plenty of premium features to keep you moving throughout the day. These machines are designed to fit the needs of two groups of people: property owners and business owners. Whether you’re an equine owner or a vegetable producer, these tractors can do whatever the land calls for. They make it easy to attach and detach implements too, so you can be more productive with less downtime.

GEI 2 Series
GEI 3 Series

The John Deere 3 Series

The John Deere 3 Family tractors are all about simplicity, comfort, and great performance. They offer ergonomic controls and easy-attach implements, which makes operating these tractors ultra-convenient. These compact tractors are great for mowing, blading, digging, leveling, and a number of off-season tasks like snow-blowing. Other compact tractors can’t compare to the turning radius of the 3 Family tractors, even with a full loader. That’s a great performance. Within the 3 Family, you have your choice of the 3E Series, 3R Series, or the upcoming 3D Series.


The John Deere 4 Series

The John Deere 4 Family tractors are packed with leading-edge technology and top-notch features you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something that falls somewhere between a compact tractor and a larger utility tractor, the John Deere 4 Family might be the right fit. These tractors are powerful and capable—offering more than 200 heavy-duty implements—but still compact enough to easily maneuver and store. The 4 Family offers two different Series to choose from: the 4M and the 4R.

GEI 4 Series

If you want to experience the power and versatility of John Deere Compact Tractors for yourself, stop by Greenway Equipment in Jonesboro to get up close and personal with the equipment. If you have questions before you make the trip, give us a call at (870) 935-5564 or get a quote online

John Deere Compact Tractors

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