You're Invited: Greenway Demo Farm visits, June 26 - Aug. 15!

Visit the Greenway Demo Farm now through the beginning of August to test out the newest equipment from John Deere.

This year, we will be featuring five demos on the farm. Learn about TerraCutta and our Operations Center, ExactApply and ExactEmerge technologies while also testing out the new N540C, 9470RX and 2680H. 

Learn more about this year's featured demos in the videos below!

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Learn about TerraCutta Leveling Technology and Operations Center.

Features of TerraCutta:

  • One tool for survey & design of levees and field leveling
  • Integrates with iGrade

Features of Operations Center:

  • Complete online suite of tools to manage farm inputs and machinery
  • Yield mapping
  • As-applied information

Want to learn more about ExactApply? The Greenway Demo Farm is the right place!

Features of ExactApply:

  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • 15 and 30 hz pulsing
  • Dual nozzle control
  • Turn compensation
  • Nozzle by nozzle section control

Demo John Deere's ExactEmerge Technology at the farm!

Features of ExactEmerge:

  • Electric drive seed meters
  • Brush belt for precise seed placement
  • 10 mile an hour planting speed
  • Active pneumatic downforce
  • SeedStar™ 4HP monitoring system

Test out the new air seeder, N540C, that is taking the place of the 1990.

Features of the N540C:

  • Electric drives enabling SectionCommand™ system
  • John Deere ActiveCal™ system
  • RelativeFlow™ Blockage sensing
  •  TruSet™ downforce system


Drive a 9470RX, part of the new 9RX Narrow Track Series!

Features of the 9470RX:

  • Narrow undercarriage, ideal for 22 in., 30 in. and 40 in. rows
  • More horsepower and stability
  • Better grip under a heavy load, reducing soil impact and crop damage
  • CommandView III Cab

Demo John Deere's 2680H High-Performance Disk at the farm.

Features of the 2680H:

  • Dept control
  • Multiple rear attachment options
  • Individually mounted disk blades
  • Grease-less bushing and bearings 
  • 8 foot - 45 foot width options

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Greenway Demo Farm